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A Matter of Perspective #Africa #geography #science

Skim milk masquerades as cream.

Here’s an interesting article on how traditional maps misrepresent the size of Africa: Our Maps Are Lying to Us. Here’s How Big Africa Really Is. It’s important to note that, no matter how you try to represent a three-dimensional globe on a two-dimensional piece of paper, you’re going to have to sacrifice some truth, and the American consensus is to use a particular map that causes Africa to appear no bigger than Greenland. While there’s nothing wrong with this ultimate choice, the choice contributed to the Ebola panic not too long ago, where concerns of the outbreak in west Africa resulted in concerns that all Africans could be contagious. Considering that Paris is closer to west Africa than much of southern Africa, and air traffic makes that Paris-west Africa connection even stronger, it seems the concern was overstated one these grounds (as well as others). But of course, as Americans, we’re the masters of overstatement, aren’t we?

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