$afety Fir$t: Traffic Cameras and You

The Fairfax County Police just issued a news release with respect to yet another red light camera going up in the county. Who voted for these cameras?

Rob's Blog of Controversy

Note: This is a repost and edit of an entry I wrote for my prior blog, Are You Kidding Me?.

I have a pet peeve that I must get off my chest: Traffic cameras. They drive me nuts. But before I lay into them, let me give you some background.

I have a long-standing pet peeve: Sham enforcement of traffic laws. It’s clearly not about safety; it’s about raising revenue for the state. Essentially, it’s a tax wrapped up in a dishonest justification. And that would be fine (and Constitutional) if there weren’t punishment attached to the fine. For some of them, you could have your license revoked, your record tarnished (higher insurance rates, anyone?), and even have to serve jail time.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “But Rob, it’s about safety.”

No, it isn’t. If it were about safety, traffic laws wouldn’t…

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