Pentaquark Particles Discovered At The Large Hadron Collider #science #physics #patent


“What have you done for me lately, Pluto?” “Talk to me in about 12 hours, jerk.”

The thing about science is that, at this point, changes occur seemingly constantly. Two hours ago, I posted about Pluto. While we’re waiting for information (head to New Scientists’s live blog here), another major discovery hits my stream. It seems that scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have confirmed the existence of a new form of matter consisting of five quarks. I doubt this will affect your lives directly, but when the next best thing in air travel, computing, or microwave ovens hits your local electronics store, you’ll be glad they made this discovery.

So will the patent lawyers.

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Rob Bodine is a Virginia attorney focusing his practice on real estate and intellectual property law. He’s currently Virginia counsel with First Class Title, Inc., a Maryland title insurance and settlement company. Rob is also a licensed title insurance agent in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


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