Chris Squire, Bassist for the band Yes, Dead at 67 #music #rip #yes

Picture from press release on, the Yes official websiteAnother week, another death in the art world that strikes a chord.

Over the weekend, Chris Squire, bass player for the legendary band Yes, died. As a dopey teenager in the 80s, I was greatly influenced by Squire, especially his work on Yes’s 1971 album, Fragile. I wasn’t the only one. Squire was recognized by his peers as one of the best rock bassists ever to pluck a string. If you listen to rock music, and you think you don’t know his work, you’re greatly mistaken. His influence over the genre is undeniable.

Sadly, Yes remains one of the notable snubs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Perhaps this year Squire and his band-mates will get their due.

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