Being a #Foreclosure Attorney Can Be Rough #law #realestate

I don’t like your tie.

An attorney was handcuffed, jailed, and charged with two felonies when a judge didn’t like what he said. The transcript doesn’t provide evidence of disrespectful conduct, but one’s tone isn’t readily apparent from written words. The cell phone video that could provide such context is hidden behind the “premium content” wall, and logging into the site doesn’t get around that until you’ve paid them some money. Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong here, judges rule their courtroom. It’s best to stay on their good side … even when they’re dead wrong. That’s one reason
why I no longer litigate. 🙂

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Rob Bodine is a Virginia attorney focusing his practice on real estate and intellectual property law. He’s currently Virginia counsel with First Class Title, Inc., a Maryland title insurance and settlement company. Rob is also a licensed title insurance agent in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


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