Perhaps I Should Have Saved This for #Caturday

Crumbs & Whiskers just opened up in Georgetown (a part of Washington, DC). It’s a cat cafe. Yeah, just come on by and pet a strange cat. (Don’t knock it; petting cats reduces stress.) A “normal” cafe across the street will deliver food and coffee, though I’m not sure I’d order coffee. My last cat would jump all over me trying to get my Starbucks Mocha from me. It costs $10/hour ($12/hour on the weekend) to pet cats you don’t own, and you have to set a reservation at the cafe’s website. Leave children under 13 at home; they aren’t allowed.

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Rob Bodine is a Virginia attorney focusing his practice on real estate and intellectual property law. He’s currently Virginia counsel with First Class Title, Inc., a Maryland title insurance and settlement company. Rob is also a licensed title insurance agent in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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