Pizza Hut Tests a Box That Doubles As a Projector #pizzahut #movie #tv

Pizza Hut has created a box that turns your cellphone into a movie projector. Watch this quick video here.

It’s easy to laugh this off, and just as easy to take this seriously. My first thought was I didn’t want pizza sauce on my phone, but cleaning off the “noid stopper” that holds your phone would be easy enough. Yes, this seems to work, but how much of a need for this is there? Someone would have to have a cellphone (easy) with an account such as Netflix (easy) but whose TV’s screen is so small that its vastly superior resolution is outdone by the pizza box’s large screen (doubtful). Obviously, “doubtful” does not mean “never,” so there will be some market for this (I’m looking at you, college dorm dwellers).

Currently, these boxes are available only in Hong Kong. The issue confronting Pizza Hut, therefore, in deciding whether to distribute these in the United States is: Will this box will encourage enough extra sales of pizza to justify the expense of providing a lens and other features to its customers? I don’t have all of the numbers, but I’m going to guess no. Do you agree or disagree?

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